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Nepal is known as the Himalayan Kingdom and Nepal has itself 1310 mountain; these are considered above 5500m (18090ft) to 8848m (29028ft) above the sea level. This is all because of Nepal is exceptionally popular among mountaineers.

The Mountains have a massive mountain range stretching 3000km east to west. The largest, highest, and stretching about 800km remains in the Nepal territory includes eight peaks that rise above 8000 meters including Mt. Everest (8848m) also known as Sagarmatha. The Himalaya Nepal seems like a great theater of mountaineering activities and there are numerous Himalayan trekking or climbing Peaks open for mountaineering expedition or climbing.

Since 1978 Nepal Mountaineering Association has had an authority issuing climbing permits for these small-scale peaks. However, the Government of Nepal has withdrawn the right of issuing permits from NMA.

HimalayanWindows puts all its efforts making your climbing dream come true. We are specialized for any peak climbing adventurous trip because of our well-trained climbing guides and staff.

HimalayanWindows is home of well-trained professional climbing and expedition guides who are particularly concerned about the acclimatization process. So that we can proudly say that let’s come and join us for another adventure peak climbing in Nepal. We would send us the climbing rules and regulations, list of necessary equipment, and other information upon your request.

Duration: 16 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Yala Peak Climbing (5500m/18045ft)

Yala Peak is the most popular climbing destination in Langtang…

Duration: 18 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Tharpu Chuli (Tent Peak) Climbing (5500m/19045ft)

The Tharpu Chuli Peak, also well-known as Tent Peak, is…

Duration: 12 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Pisang Peak Climbing (6091m/19983ft)

Pisang Peak is the most famous peak among the other…

Duration: 17 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Mera Peak Climbing (6476m/21247ft)

You find yourself an exciting, spectacular mountain becoming famous among…

Duration: 23 Day(s) | Group: 1 - 12 Pax

Lobuche Peak Climbing (6119m/20075ft)

Lobuche East (6119m/20075ft) and Lobuche West (6145m/20161ft) are the two…

Duration: 19 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Island Peak Climbing (6189m/20305ft)

Island peak Climbing is planned for those mountaineer enthusiasts who…

Duration: 18 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Dhampus Peak Climbing (6012m/19725ft)

Dhampus Peak is one of the famous peaks in the…