School Trips in Nepal


The school trips in Nepal not only give an opportunity for students to enhance their understanding of Nepal but they can also learn about culture, history and get familiar with Nepalese society and people. We welcome schools from around the world to come and visit. If the given educational and cultural tour program does not meet the requirement, we can customize the itinerary for your student group tour in order to meet your academic, cultural, and personal requirements.

Given itineraries are the sample programs that are prepared for the international student group tours. We have more than a decade of experience of providing the highest quality, customized itinerary packages for International students in Nepal. While preparing an itinerary and providing the services, we will always keep health and safety issues in the first priority and we guarantee your students’ visit to Nepal will be filled with powerful and life-changing experiences that will provide lifelong memories.

Most of our program itineraries are the combination of cultural activities, short hiking, and co-learning with the local students at one of the local schools by participating in classroom games, teach lessons, and experience cultural interactions. We usually choose local schools in Nepal that accommodate the students who are destitute, orphaned, and helpless.

If you are looking for an exclusive educational and cultural tour experience for your international student groups, we are the right choice. Feel free to drop us an email for any information and have any questions regarding the visit to Nepal for your school trips.

Duration: 8 Day(s) | Group: 2-25

One-week Educational Trip to Nepal

We organize a one-week educational trip to Nepal for international…