Trek Restricted & Remote areas in Nepal


There are several trekking routes that are restricted to foreign travelers by the government of Nepal. They must pay special or restricted permit in order to trek to those restricted regions. This sort of trekking can be organized by the government registered trekking companies in Nepal. Many trekking trails that are restricted by the government of Nepal and some are remote by regions such as Upper Mustang Trekking, Upper Dolpo Trekking, Manaslu Trekking, Lower Dolpo trekking, Rala Lake Trek and etc.

All of these areas are isolated, where the entry of foreign travelers is strictly forbidden unless they are permitted. These trekking routes are different in many aspects from ordinary trails. You must go through the assistance of an official person like a licensed guide and have a special restricted permit. The group must consist of a minimum of two travelers or guests and their required staff and insurance.

The main aim of announcing these areas as a restricted region is to care for the culture and natural environment from outside pressures. The environmental delegate has to lead all the rules and regulations with the police and government offices in route. The trek must fully pre-arrange via a registered trekking company. It has to be fully equipped with a tent, cooks, all supporting staff and etc. But, now some of the restricted trekking routes have developed a tea house to make comfortable trekking.

HimalayanWindows arrange your restricted trekking in Nepal without any troubles. We have also listed some of the popular Trekking in Restricted Regions to make you easier to pick-up.

Duration: 17 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Upper Mustang Trek

In general practice, Mustang refers to the dry Tibet-like region…

Duration: 27 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Upper Dolpo Trek

Dolpo Region is one of the most remote regions in…

Duration: 24 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Lower Dolpo Trek

Dolpo Region is one of the most remote regions in…

Duration: 15 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Manaslu Circuit Trek – Entry to the Hidden Valley (15 Days)

The Manaslu Circuit Trek – Entry to the hidden valley…

Duration: 15 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake Trek – 15 Days is a famous trekking…