Treks in Tibet


Trekking is a fusion of hiking and walking movement in which people take multi-days trips in countryside areas. In another word, trekking is creating a journey/excursion on foot, especially to hike through hill or mountain areas often for multiple days and along with gorgeous mountain villages and relishing with nature and close interaction with people in remote mountain villages where the way of life sometimes is untouched since many generations.

Sometimes, it also makes a difference where and when to trek; it brings amazing pleasure in your life. Apparently, trekking in the Himalayas brings your full of joy and happiness. Every people have some lofty imaginary of the journey their country to somewhere overseas to feel the adventure of travel on foot. And, what else could be better than trekking in the mountain? High-end panoramic views, best hiking routes, enthralling beauty of nature, and the appealing weather to give you an extra touch; a drop of adventure, and some expedition will really take a journey beyond travel.

Are you are looking for the best treks unexposed by many people? Then it’s Tibet! where you need to put your stepson. The great trekking in Tibet loom the peaks of the Himalayan from the north and gives a different perception than the treks in Nepal and India which comes up to from the south.

Though Tibet offers remote and rural areas trekking, it holds wide scenarios with regards to the best treks in the entire world. The Tibet Everest Base Camp trek, Samye – Ganden trek, Kharta valley trek, Namtso Lake trek are considered as the best trekking/hiking tours in Tibet. The random weather conditions in the high Himalayas makes trekking to the mountains in Tibet utterly tough. The weather of Tibet is much drier and colder than conditions in Nepal and India because of the elevation and the Himalaya block tropical monsoon moisture from reaching this far north. However, the attraction than the treks offer in Tibet is diverse. We have presented the suggested best trekking itinerary for one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Come and trek in Tibet with us, we provide and suggest the best trekking tours in Tibet and put our all efforts to providing our best services ever.

Duration: 10 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Tibet Ganden Samye Trek

Tibet Ganden Samye Trek is one of the most popular…

Duration: 10 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Lhasa Namtso Lake Trek

Namtso is the second biggest salt lake in Tibet, located…

Duration: 14 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Lhasa Everest Base Camp Trek

Explore Tibet's ancient palaces and monasteries, drive through pristine lakes…

Duration: 16 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Tibet Kharta Valley, Khangsung & Everest Base Camp Trek

Tibet Kharta Valley Trek – 16 Days starts from Lhasa…

Duration: 18 Day(s) | Group: 1 - 12 Pax

Tibet Everest Advance Base Camp Trek

Tibet Everest Advance Base Camp trek is an extended advanced…