How to plan an Everest Base Camp Helicopter landing tour?

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How to Plan an Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight landing tour from Kathmandu? (w/FAQs)

Based on our decade long experiences organizing Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight landing tours from Kathmandu, we would like to take some time sharing some essential information, interesting Facts, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that you should know before booking this exciting Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing.



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Interesting FACTS about Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing

Entry Point & Start Point Kathmandu Airport (Domestic Terminal)
Best time of the year Spring (March-May), Fall & Winter (Sep-Dec)
Type of Helicopter Used Airbus 350 Series B3 E Helicopters
Total Capacity 6 people including Pilot (500 KG)
Maximum weight allowed to land at Kalapatthar 250 KG (Shuttle services are provided from Pheriche or Syangboche)
Duration of EBC Helicopter Tour Three to Four Hours
Helicopter Landing stations Lukla for fueling (5m), Kalapatthar for View (7-10m), Everest View Hotel for breakfast (30m)
Maximum height of the landing 5545m at Kalapatthar
Type of this tour Day tour (Luxury version)
EBC Helicopter Charter Cost in USD $4200 -$4500


Top highlights of Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight landing tour from Kathmandu

• Exciting and thrilling Helicopter experience land at Kalapatthar/Everest Base Camp
• Breakfast at the well-known Everest View Hotel, Syangboche
• Quick landing at Kalapatthar for the excellent views of Mount Everest (8848.86m) and other highest peaks
• One of the world’s best Ariel views that flies in the high altitude
• Beautiful landscapes, Valleys, Villages, Glaciers, and Icefalls

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight landing tour starts in Kathmandu, flying east from Kathmandu to the Everest Base Camp toward the Sherpa village and gateway to Mt. Everest, Lukla. After fueling at Lukla airport, the chopper flies toward Kalapatthar (near Everest Base Camp) for the best stunning view of Mount Everest and other highest peaks.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour within a half day from Kathmandu is the easiest and most comfortable way to experience the quick closest view of the world’s highest peaks. This EBC Helicopter tour of Everest is one of the best ariel tours in the world which offers excellent views of the world’s highest mountains above 8000m.

There are two types of packages for helicopter tours such as private charter and group joining. Before making the plan, you should choose the right and best tour company to book your Helicopter tour to the Everest Base Camp. Make sure to allow a complete day for the Helicopter tour. If time permits after the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour, you may plan sightseeing tours in Kathmandu. It is better off keeping the full spare day rather than having a transit flight on the same day.

Recommendations before you proceed with the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Do not leave the hotel unless you get confirmation from the airline staff or your tour operator. You can leave from the hotel about an hour before the flight (if you are staying at Thamel or inside the ring road). Because waiting at the airport for too long is one of the weird things during your vacation. Flights can be delayed or even canceled due to weather conditions. Flights can only be operated once the weather in Lukla gets clear and visible. Waiting at the airport without any idea is quite miserable. So better off waiting at the hotel but stay standby.

During the peak months such as March, April, May, September, October, November, and December; there will be several flights a day on a sharing plan, and the weather during these months gets usually clear. You can plan the trip on a sharing basis that comes cheaper and more affordable for every individual. During the off-season (June/July/August), there is a high chance of flight delays and cancellations.

Make sure to check with your operator that there is already the required number of passengers on a flight. If you end up with one or two people, the helicopter tour price could be doubled.

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Our guest is standing at Kalapatthar with views of the Everest range

Top FAQS for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Flight Landing tour from Kathmandu

1. Which aircraft is used for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour, is Oxygen provided?

The Airbus 350 Series powerful helicopters are used for this type of tour that can carry up to 500KG weight. Yes, the helicopters are always equipped with safety measures including a first aid kit and carrying an Oxygen tank for emergency use. Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) can happen unexpectedly and Helicopter crews are always prepared for that.

2. What is the itinerary for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

The Everest Base camp Helicopter landing tour itinerary begins from Kathmandu. Our representative receives you from the hotel and transfers you to the airport early in the morning (One and a half hours before your actual flight time). The itinerary for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight landing tour from Kathmandu is specified in different phases as follows:

Phase 01:
Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla
Flight duration: 45 Minutes
Ground time: 5 Minutes

Phase 02:
Flight from Lukla to Kalapatthar (Everest Base Camp)
Flight duration: 25 Minutes
Ground time: 8-10 Minutes
(This is the place where you will have a close-up view of Mt. Everest and its surroundings.)

Phase 03:
Flight from Kalapatthar (Everest Base Camp) to Syangboche/Everest View Hotel
Flight duration: 15 Minutes
Ground time: 30 minutes
(You shall have breakfast a Everest view hotel, Champagne Breakfast is available)

Phase 04:
Flight from Syangboche to Lukla and Kathmandu
Flight Duration: 1 hour 10 Minutes
Ground time: 5 minutes in Lukla

Note: The above-given durations are standard times and the total duration of the flight may vary depending on weather and traffic conditions.

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3. What is the approximate duration of the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour?

The approximate duration of the ultimate Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight landing tour is three to four hours. However, it all depends on the weather and traffic conditions. It is advised to allow a complete day for this adventure. The remaining time after the Chopper tour can be used for sightseeing around Kathmandu Valley.

4. What is the tentative price for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

The tentative price for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight landing tour is approx. 4000 – 4500 USD, if you are planning to charter a chopper for this adventure. During the peak season, group joining tours cost you around 1150 USD per person on a sharing plan.

5 Passengers and 1 Captain are the maximum weight (500 kg) for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight landing tour. No. of passengers is based on body weight. If there are four to five people, we run two shuttle flights from Pheriche or Everest View hotel by splitting bodyweight 250 km on average.

5. What things are included/excluded in the package?

The given price generally includes Chartered Helicopter, all government taxes, company service charges, and passenger insurance and excludes Sagarmatha National Park Permit (30 USD), Airport Tax (2 USD), and any meals during this day trip.

6. When is the best time of the year for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

The best time of the year for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight landing tour is Spring (March/April/May), Autumn/Fall (September/October/November), and Winter (December/January/February). During these seasons, you will have the best mountain views and scenery. During Summer (June/July/August), weather is likely to be challenging because of less visibility, rain, and clouds.

7. What should I wear during the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour? Is a camera allowed?

You can wear any clothes that are comfortable and casual. However, it is suggested to wear dark shirts or tops to avoid reflective glare on the Helicopter Plexiglas windows. Also, bring a down-jacket, Hat, Sunglasses, and Gloves that are necessary during landings. Yes, you can bring a Camera. Bring a good quality camera with the best Lens. We recommend that a 35mm with ASA 400 or higher with a wide-angle lens would work well. You will have some of the best photo-taking opportunities during this exciting helicopter flight.

8. Why do you recommend landing at Kalapatthar instead of Everest Base Camp?

A helicopter landing at Kalapatthar is the best option to enjoy the stunning views and surroundings. Kalapatthar is also a must-see place for the Everest Base Camp trekkers and offers a better view than the Everest Base Camp. Therefore, we choose Kalapatthar for the landings instead of Everest Base Camp.

9. How many people can land at Kalapatthar?

On average 250 Kg. in one shuttle is allowed for landing at Kalapatthar due to the high altitude. Two to three passengers generally land at one time from Pheriche or Everest View Hotel.

10. Who will provide the airport transfers in Kathmandu?

Generally, your tour operator who is assigned to your Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight landing tour provides all airport transfers in Kathmandu.

11. Can I use a Helicopter on my return from Everest Base Camp Trek? (for Everest Base Camp trekking 12 days)

Yes, if you want just to trek up to the Everest Base camp and return to Kathmandu on a Helicopter, you can do so. You will finish your Everest Base Camp trek within 9 days if you choose to fly back to Kathmandu after reaching Everest Base Camp. This option would be suitable who what to skip trekking downhill or have a short holiday vacation.

Our guest is standing with a stunning view from Syangboche | Photo: @navigating_nature (Instagram)

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Our main objective to prepare this blog for the Everest base camp helicopter flight landing tour is to inform travelers to be prepared well enough before they book to explore Everest Base Camp in a day. This is a short day trip from Kathmandu that allows experiencing the world’s highest mountain within a day and it is wise to know most of the essential information before you book this ultimate Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour from Kathmandu.

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