How to Plan a Bhutan Tour? (w/Suggested Trip Itineraries)

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How to plan a Bhutan Tour?  Here are some suggestions for Bhutan itineraries and things-to-do, learn before you to take a beautiful trip to Bhutan after this Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19). This blog includes questions on how to enter Bhutan? How much does it cost? What are the things included, and etc? This blog definitely makes it easier to plan and decide to take a trip to Bhutan. 


Bhutan is a small Himalayan nation located between India and China. Bhutan is bordered to the north in China and the South, East, and West in India. Being a small Himalayan nation, Bhutan is popular for many reasons such as Bhutan is called the land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan is called one of the world’s greenest countries, the last Shangri-La, also Bhutan is the only country that believes in Gross National Happiness (GNH) rather than the GDP. Most of the high altitude peaks in Bhutan are forbidden to climb because of religious purposes and Bhutan offers beautiful trekking destinations such as Chomolhari Trek, Druk Path Trek, etc.


Thimphu Thimphu – the capital city of Bhutan. 

How to enter Bhutan? Bhutan can be reached by fly flight as well as the by-road /land from India


By Flight: Bhutan has a sole International airport called ‘Paro International Airport’ which is located in Paro City. There are two aircraft (Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines) that are in operation and operate flights from Nepal (Kathmandu), India (Delhi, Kolkotta, Guwahati, and Bagdogra), Thailand (Bangkok), Singapore (SIN), Bangladesh (Dhaka), etc. These are the most common direct flight routes for Bhutan. Before you fly to Bhutan, you should make sure that Bhutan’s e-Visa clearance is already in your hand.

By Land: Bhutan can be reached by a few borders from India such as Phuentsholing, Gelephu, and Samdrup Jongkhar. Among these border crossings, the Phuentsholing border is the most popular and you can enter Bhutan via Phuensholing after traveling to Indian cities such as Darjeeling, Sikkim, Siliguri, or landing at Bagdogra airport near Siliguri. These places are located in West Bengal, one of the states of India. If you are planning three Himalayan countries tours entering via the Phuentsholing border, the Bhutan Kathmandu Lhasa tour via Phuentsholing could be the best option.


Bhutan e-Visa Clearance

Every traveler visiting Bhutan needs to obtain Bhutan e-Visa Clearance before their flight to Bhutan. Make sure to get the e-Visa Clearance copy from your tour operator before you take a flight to Bhutan. You must present the e-visa clearance copy at the airline counter while the check-In. You will be required to send a color scanned passport copy to process the visa at least one week before the trip and make sure your passport is valid at least six months from the tour start date.


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How much does it cost to travel to Bhutan?

There are two different tariffs for the Bhutan tour based on the peak/high and low/offseasons.

Peak Season Tariff for Adults: USD 250 per night per person from March to May and September to November – there is a surcharge of USD 40 per day for a solo traveler and USD 30 for two people on a private tour.

Low Season Tariff for adults: USD 200 per night per person from December to February and June to August – there is a surcharge of USD 40 per day for a solo traveler and USD 30 for two people on a private tour.

Tariff for Students/Children: There is a discount that can be taken for Students and Children (Children aged between 5 and 12). Check the Bhutan Tourism Council website for more details or email us for more information.

Recently, Bhutan ends free entry to its regional countries including India, and there is a new tariff on the standard tour cost for the citizens of India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives, starting from July 2020; they are being charged an extra INR 1200 per day (Approx. USD 17) per person as Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) to visit Bhutan.

Buddha Dordenma in Thimphu, Bhutan

While booking the Bhutan tour, the given things below are a-Must to take or inclusive on the package:

  • E-Visa Clearance Copy (Before you fly into Bhutan)
  • Licensed Bhutanese Guide: Booked through an official Bhutanese tour operator
  • Transportation with Driver
  • 3-Star Accommodation (Hotels can be upgraded on request with an additional cost)
  • All Meals (Excluding alcoholic beverages)
  • Tour and trekking gears
  • All Taxes and Royalties


– Apart from the above requirements, nearly one-third of the total tour cost, USD 65 per day goes to the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF). This is how the total tour cost seems more expensive than the other destination. However, the SDF is used for good causes such as free education, health care, poverty relief, and infrastructure for Bhutanese people.

– When you book a Bhutan tour, some tour operators include the flight fare to/from Paro in the tour package. However, you are free to book your flight tickets on your own online. Before you confirm the flight, make sure that the tour dates are available and that you have enough time to process the Bhutan Visa.


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Suggested Itineraries and thing-to-do before you take a Bhutan Tour

tiger's nest Taktsang Monastery also called Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan

As we explained earlier, Bhutan is slightly more expensive than other similar destinations like Nepal, Tibet, and India. It is wise to have a proper idea about which itinerary to pick to enjoy the best of Bhutan.


– If you are planning to have a Glimpse of Bhutan with a stunning hike to the Tigers Nest, we would recommend taking 3 Night 4 days Bhutan tour, or 4 night 5 days Bhutan Tour.

– If you are planning to experience the culture, and Bhutan’s beautiful landscapes, and wanted to stretch the itinerary a little longer, a 6-night 7 days Bhutan tour can be the best. This 7 days itinerary includes 5 cities of Bhutan and you will be able to learn about Bhutan’s culture, history, and traditions during this time frame. This 7 days itinerary is also suitable for families and couples.

– If you are keener on learning about Bhutan culture and see how the lives in Bhutan even in the far locations, take 9 night 10 days Bhutan tour that stretches up to the western city of Bhutan- Trongsa, and Bumthang.

– You are still free to customize your private trip to Bhutan, talk with your tour operator or travel expert to have a perfect itinerary for your lifetime trip to Bhutan and make it the most memorable one. While touring Bhutan, you can take a chance to visit the other two beautiful nations, Nepal and Bhutan. Choose a 3 Country Tour of Nepal,  Tibet, and Bhutan in a single trip to have the best experience in the Himalayan regions.



The main reason to prepare this travel blog is to aware that travelers learn how to prepare for a Bhutan tour in advance. We hope that the given information is helpful to plan your perfect trip to Bhutan. If you need more information, you can simply send us an email, our expert team will revert you with updated information that you may need before making the plan.

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